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Courses of Study

INTAKE CAPACITY (Enrollment Capacity):

HS (Arts) 150
HS (Commerce) 150
B.A 350
B.Com 250

The college is affiliated to the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) for two years Higher Secondary courses in Arts & Commerce and degree courses are affliated to Gauhati University.

Subjects Offered in Higher Secondary (ARTS)

A. Compulsory Subjects :

  1. English
  2. M.I.L (Assamese/Hindi/Alt.English)
  3. Environmental Study (for H.s 1st year only)

B. Elective Subjects

'A' Group Political Science / Education*
'B' Group Economics /Advance Assamese / Adv. Hindi*
'C' Group Geography / Logic & Philosophy*
'D' Group History / Mathematics *
* Any one subjects from each group

Subjects offered in higher secondary (Commerce)

Core Paper (Compulsory) Elective Paper (Can opt for any two)
1.English 1.Economics
2.MIL (Assamese, Hindi) or Alt. English 2. Commercial Mathematics & Statistics
3. Accountancy 3.Banking
4. Business Studies
5. Environment Study (for H. S. 1st year only)

B. Arts course structure (semester)

Subjects offered :
  1. Compulsary Subjects:
    1. English (ENG) (First & Second Semester)
    2. Environment Studies (ENS) (Third & Fourth Semseter)

  2. Elective Subjects:
    1. M.I.L. Assamese (ASM) : Not for Assamese Major M.I.L. Hindi (HIN) : Not for Hindi Major M.I.L. Alt. English (AEN) : Not for English Major
    2. Political Science (PSC) : (Cut of marks 45%)
    3. Education (EDN) : (Cut of marks 45%)
    4. Economics (ECO) or Elective Assamese (ASL) (not for Assamese major) & Elective Hindi (HSL) (not for Hindi Major)
    5. History (HIS) or Mathematics (MATH)
    6. Geography (GEO) or Philosophy (PHL)

  3. Major Subjects (cut of marks 45%)
    • English (ESL)
    • Assamese (ASL)
    • Hindi (HSL)
    • Education (EDN)
    • Economics (ECO)
    • Political Science (PSC)
    • History (HIS)
    • Geography (GGY)
    • Philosophy (PHL)
    • Mathematics (MATH)

B. Com course structure (semester)







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