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Various literary activities are conducted by the college magazine “NARANGIAN’ is published annually giving the students an opportunity to contribute their writings, thus helping them develop their literary skills. The departments of the college bring out wall magazines and departmental manuscripts, Journals, Newsletter every year. Wall Magazine Competitions among the Depts, Quiz Competitions, Debate Competitions, Essay Competitions, Seminars and Workshops are organized by the various departments to let the students express their talents. A half yearly news bulletin namely “NAMEF COLLAGE” is published every six month to highlight the various activities of the college by the English department. The Philosophy (ISSN) journal “DRSTI” and students departmental magazine Swagya, and the Mathematical (ISSN) Journal “ARYABHATTA” , “Rastra Mancha”, hand written magazine “Pohar” are published annually by the Philosophy , Mathematics, Political Science and Assamese Departments of the college. Besides, the “SHAKTI” (ISSN) a women journal is also published annually by the women cell of Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya.



Mr. Pranab Kr. Bhattacharyya

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